Privacy Fox: A Firefox extension to translate XML privacy policies into plain language

What's New
  • The xpi download is now fixed. Please dowload from this site. Updating via extension manager may not work.
  • This site is now being set up
Other Stuff

What is P3P?

P3P is a W3C-ratified XML standard that websites can use to publish their privacy policies in a machine-readable form. User agents (formal name for software tools on the client end) can read these, and perform a variety of tasks, such as notifying the user or even changing the transaction (such as not accepting cookies).

Why Privacy Fox?

How do I install and run Privacy Fox?

Look at the installation page.

Test sites

If you want to test the extension or see what a P3P policy looks like, see this page for a list of sites that the extension has been tested on.

The privacyfox project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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